"Kristine's program was very reinforcing of the many changes occurring in the modern workplace and the need for recognition of the star employee! She is very in touch with the real world and the Human Resources industry. Bring Ms. Sexter back for more!!"

Jackie Dane | Human Resources, Plains Employee

"Recently our Meeting Planners International chapter had the pleasure and excitement of having Ms. Kristine Sexter of WorkWise Productions as our Monthly Guest Speaker.

While I am aware that as professional meeting planners we are often fortunate to work with great speakers, Ms. Sexter was extraordinary.

Specifically what made Ms. Sexter's presentation, "The Top Five Characteristics of Wildly Successful People (Caution: It Gets Really Wild!)" memorable was: "Kristine conducted customized and individualized pre-program marketing. All members of our chapter received a personalized postcard in the mail encouraging their attendance. This was followed by emails and lastly, personal phone calls to many of our members. She created quite a "buzz." This pre-program marketing was certainly one of the reasons for an above-average attendance.
" Ms. Sexter's material was poignant, timely and content-rich. It was obvious she knew our industry and applied the material to our strengths and challenges. Her delivery style was highly professional, poised and polished. Overwhelmingly, our members gave her, and the program, rave reviews.

"Here's the really incredible element: This program, "The Top Five Characteristics of Wildly Successful People (Caution: It Gets Really Wild!)" was the most unique, powerful and audience-pleasing program we have seen in a very long time. (Please call Kristine and ask her to tell you the secret as to why it "really does get wild!").

I would not hesitate to recommend and utilize Kristine as a speaker for any of our clients or management teams. She certainly will exceed your  expectations!"

Amy Leet | President, OK Meeting Planners Int

"Kristine, nobody I've seen yet can coach professionalism and soft skills like you! You continue to be big hit year after year with just about every officer. You receive very high praise, especially in helping them to become young professionals.  And, they remember you months after the training you deliver! I think it's kind of the "wow" factor and it works very well.

Kent Boggs | Oklahoma FFA Executive Secretary

"Without a doubt you are the best trainer with whom I have ever worked! Your energetic attitude, attention to detail and making sure everyone is taken care of was second to none. Your phenomenal program, "The Top 5 Characteristics of Wildly Successful People," is still being talked about today by our employees!! What better compliment could you receive on training than to have 450+ employees continue to talk about it well after the event?!"

Starla Hale | Corp. Communications, Tinker Federal Credit Union

"OMG! Just saw Kristine deliver the session 'Motivating Without Money.' SHE is THE motivator! The only way this program could have been improved? MORE TIME!!!

Diana Mock | Mgr, Digestive Disease Specialist

"...The Ultimate Professional!  Kristine Sexter still has our organization buzzing! She had an incredible impact upon the faculty, students and staff. Her programs on professionalism, success and recruiting, developing and retaining leaders, was focused and customized to our organization. As a Student Programs Development Specialist for Eastfield College in Dallas, it is my goal to have all our students, on all 9 of our campuses, hear her! Her attention to detail and open, friendly personality certainly made my job easier. I felt like a star as the conference was such a success!"

Judy Schwartz | SPAR, Eastfield College

"Awesome! Ms. Sexter is the best presenter, ever! She gave us great ideas that will be utilized in all levels of healthcare. I would like more information about bringing her directly to our organization."

T. Livingston, Iberia Comprehensive Community

"We continue to bring Kristine Back to facilitate 'Powerful Presentations: Becoming Memorable, Influential and Compelling" because of the lasting results she is able to achieve with those who attend this workshop. Right before our eyes, Kristine TRANSFORMS her students and attendees into confident, poised, powerful presenters! We routinely have a waiting list of employees who request to attend this program."

Myra Fanning, John Zink Hamworthy Combustion, John Zink Institute Training Leader

"You are the greatest speaker I have ever heard! Our association members loved your energy and talking to them on their level. What a difference that was for them! There was not one Court Clerk in the room that wouldn't say you didn't reach them in some way! It is with pleasure that I recommend for any speaking engagement, especially for those Associations that serve Court Clerks, Judges and all of Law Enforcement."

Sandra Harrison, President Oklahoma Municipal

"Kristine- Once again, you delivered a home run program for Senior Care Professionals! Your presentations were rousing, high-energy, content-rich sessions that left everyone in that room applauding you and the material! Many of the attendees have asked that you contact them individually so that they may secure you for themselves and their own Assisted Living Communities."

Penny Ridenour | Executive Director, Assisted Living Association of Oklahoma

"ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! ...Sexter delivers real-world, quantifiable RESULTS!! Unbelievably professional, Kristine always starts by doing her homework and then- POW- facilitates phenomenal organizational change! 

If your organization wants to find effective strategies for recruiting hard-to-find employees and/or develop the leadership skills of your supervisors- Kristine is- by far- one of the top consultants serving the manufacturing and healthcare industries in the USA today!”

Kent Towne | Business & Industry Services

“Explosive economic impact! 
Kristine Sexter, and her consulting firm, successfully conducted retained executive searches for a Quality Assurance Manager, a Mechanical Engineer, a Shift Supervisor, a Senior Systems Analyst, an IT Director and an HR Director. All are world-class!

We also attended the ‘Wildly Successful Leadership Series’ and implemented a proactive recruiting plan. The Team Building Focus Groups Sexter facilitated allowed our employees to solve problems, not just complain about them. The results... our manufacturing company has had month-after-month record breaking production!” –Bryan Sanderlin, CEO, Pressure Safety Group, Halma

Bryan Sanderlin | CEO, Pressure Safety Group, Halma

"Kristine's energy and enthusiasm are contagious! She gets you so psyched up that you feel like you can do anything! Some of the 'Top 100 Strategies to Attract New Tenants and Keep the One's You Already Have' are so powerful; it makes you wonder why you haven't been doing them all along! Her 2nd Seminar presented at the Regional BOMA Conference on the 'Top 5 Characteristics of Wildly Successful Commercial Real Estate Professionals' seminar was really exciting and a new twist that will absolutely 'WOW' attendees!"

Norma Brewer | Association Executive, Building Owners and Managers Association

"I have had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds, people and presenters of our time. Ms. Sexter delivers compelling perspectives on employment with poise and professionalism. Kristine Sexter has a vital message that everyone and every organization must hear!"

Jim Stovall | President, Narrative Television Network