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100 Worst Employees: Learning from the Very Worst, How to Be Your Very Best

Some of the names or places have been altered to protect the guilty. You will find some of the stories to be humorous while others are shocking or just sad. But all of them are opportunities for you to learn, grow, and excel. Jim Stovall and Kristine Sexter have put together a powerful collection of stories that illustrate the truth about some recognizable characters in the workplace. Learn from the mistakes these infamous members of the workforce made and improve your ability to make yourself more employable and skillful in your field and career.

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Rolling Out the Recognition! Employee Retention Strategies for Manufacturers

Turnover, labor shortages and retirements... is your manufacturing organization feeling the impact of these modern human capital challenges?

As a leader, your first step in combating the war on talent is to create an environment of employee retention.

Positive reinforcement, recognition for a job well done, and a positive relationship with immediate managers are the tools that drive employees to... stay!

Rolling Out the Recognition: Retention Strategies for Manufacturers provides industry-specific concepts and ideas for praising efforts and results.

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"Kristine, nobody I've seen yet can coach professionalism and soft skills like you! You continue to be big hit year after year with just about every officer. You receive very high praise, especially in helping them to become young professionals.  And, they remember you months after the training you deliver! I think it's kind of the "wow" factor and it works very well. 

- Kent Boggs | Oklahoma FFA Executive Secretary