America is counting on manufacturers...

Together, we can ensure America's continued manufacturing success by providing your company with powerful, sustainable strategies for finding, training, and keeping, right-fit talent.

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, "challenges related to labor consistently top the list of concerns and challenges facing American manufacturers."

Since 1998, Kristine Sexter, and her Associates, have been a premier provider of customized solutions, designed specifically for the manufacturing industry,

Using extensive pre-program research to ensure we achieve your expected results, we will conduct a Manufacturing Organizational Analysis:

  1. Project Expectations and Objective Outcomes
  2. Needs and Gap Analysis
  3. Design and Development of Solutions
  4. Alignment with Workplace Culture, Vision, Mission and Core Values
  5. Implement and Execute Solutions
  6. Measure and Evaluate
Kristine Sexter - Award-winning speaker, consultant and trainer

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“Do you know Kristine Sexter? Most manufacturers do!

Kristine Sexter is ‘THE’ authority in teaching executives and leadership teams how to find, train and keep great employees.

This is why she has been invited to present at our Annual Conference, every year!”

-Joe Epperley,
Marketing Director,
Oklahoma Alliance for Manufacturers
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