FindTrainKeep Project Team Consultants are committed to achieving measurable, quantifiable outcomes.

Together, we will create profound, positive impact that is sustainable, long after the completion of our project partnership.

  • We begin with the end in mind: specifically, what metrics-based, end result do you wish for our collaboration to achieve for you, your business, and your workplace?
  • We engage in comprehensive pre-project preparation prior to beginning any consulting project. Our consultative projects are executed and managed using Project Management Institute concepts and principles.
  • Exceptional attention is paid to ensure we align your organizational Core Values, brand, and culture, to all facets of the project.
  • We remain unwavering in our focus to achieving the specific, metrics-based results you expect.

Some of Our Consulting Solutions:

  • Not your typical “satisfaction survey” that merely ask employees to rate their experiences and opinions of the organization.
  • Our Engagement and Solution Surveys delve much, much deeper. Employees are empowered to contribute not just their opinion, but provide SOLUTIONS to the challenges they face.
  • Surveys are customized in their design to garner insights and results for each specific department, manager and the organization, as a whole.
  • Final report: Approximately 80 pages in length and includes comprehensive consultative recommendations.
  • Does your organization need to make a ‘critical hire?’ Someone who is truly ideal-fit,  who brings a proven track record, will immediately fit in with your culture, is a genuine, positive contributor to the team and their fellow colleagues, and most of all, can drive positive results, almost from day one?   Allow us the privilege of caring for every detail of that vital ‘talent treasure hunt!’
  • We are exceptionally successful at utilizing modern, highly effective, professional recruiting strategies for identifying ideal-fit candidates.
  • We will never ‘throw a bunch of resumes’ at you and expect you to pick. It is our job to conduct in-depth pre-search research about the organization and realities of the position.
  • Using our “All Access Pass Approach,” the final top 3-5 candidates are given permission to explore, investigate and interview you, and the opportunity, right back. Our approach builds mutual trust between you and the candidate, right from the beginning.
  • Our executive retained search is assertive, comprehensive, thorough, and very different from what other search firms provide. Both our clients, and the candiates, continue to extol the power of transparency, and the foundation of trust that is built throughout the process.
  • Our retained, executive searches are never exclusive. Thus, you are free to continue your own search for the ideal-fit candidate, through employee referral programs and other recruiting strategies. The retainer is nonrefundable.

Explosive economic impact! Kristine Sexter, and her consulting firm, successfully conducted retained executive searches for a Quality Assurance Manager, a Mechanical Engineer, a Shift Supervisor, a Senior Systems Analyst, an IT Director and an HR Director. All are world-class!

We also attended the ‘Wildly Successful Leadership Series’ and implemented a proactive recruiting plan. The Team Building Focus Groups Sexter facilitated allowed our employees to solve problems, not just complain about them. The results... our manufacturing company has had month-after-month record breaking production!

-Bryan Sanderlin, CEO Pressure Safety Group, Halma

Preparing to Achieve World-Class Results

  • Ready for a strategic plan that engages your entire organization, defines your specific brand, your competitive advantage and actually works?
  • Create a modern roadmap to success using proven, results-based strategies and approaches.
  • Your plan is crafted during four, ½-day analysis workshops. Your results are driven in collaboration with us during 6, 2-hour accountability meetings (one per month after launch of Plan) included.

Using the Renowned Assessment- DiSC™

  • Self-Assessment: Using the all-new, phenomenally insightful and comprehensive Everything DiSC Workplace Profile™, DiSC® assessments are used worldwide in thousands of organizations of all sizes, major governmental agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.
  • The Everything DiSC Profile™ has been used successfully to help people learn to work more effectively with others. Through personal insights into their own behavioral strengths and challenges, participants in DiSC trainings learn to relate to others.
    Uses of DiSC include:
    • Leadership and executive development
    • Management training
    • Sales training
    • Conflict management
    • Teambuilding
    • Customer service
    • Communication
    • Job coaching
  • Increase Self- Knowledge-The Most Powerful Foundation for Career Success: Learn how to respond to conflict, what motivates, what causes stress, and how to solve problems.
  • Included: Each participant will receive a 20+-page, individualized profile report.
  • Special reports available including The Everything DiSC Comparison Report which is an additional 11-page free report which can be run for pairs of people who have already taken an Everything DiSC profile. Each of the paired people receives his or her own report comparing one to the other person. The report reminds them of their own results and provides specific information about how each compares to the other.

A two, half-day, educational event (10 hours of facilitated, hands on, one-on-one instruction). Maximum participants: 8 Minimum participants: 1

  • Understanding the Value of Effective Presentation Skills
    • Why your ability to be a memorable, influential and compelling presenter is vital to fulfilling your objective
    • Presentations, facilitations, training events and meetings: understanding the differences
  • Best Practices for Presenting a Memorable, Influential and Compelling Program
    • Understand why you must be effective a memorable, influential and compelling communicator as a means to drive measureable results.
    • Learn both the science, and the art, of being memorable, influential and compelling.
    • Know your audience: how to tailor your messaging for different demographics
    • Understanding what is not being said: the power of body language…yours and theirs!
    • Powerful strategies to avoid the ‘ums,’ ‘uh’s,’ and ‘ya know’s’
    • Learn, step-by-step how to create a highly memorable, influential and compelling program: The 5 Step Formula For Creating A Brilliantly Powerful Presentation, Training Event Or Speech
  • Top 19 Secrets of Award-Winning Professional Speakers
  • Handling Difficult Situations and Participants:
    • The Cricket Syndrome: Managing participant silence
    • The Chatterbox: Managing the verbose participant with grace and professionalism
  • Day 2: Prepare a 3-5 Minute Presentation. Your will be digitally recorded as you present.
    • Facilitator and fellow participants will coach for improvement and applaud strengths

Want more details about this workshop?

"I have had the privilege of working with some of the greatest minds, people and presenters of our time. Ms. Sexter delivers compelling perspectives on employment with poise and professionalism. Kristine Sexter has a vital message that everyone and every organization must hear!"

Jim Stovall | President, Narrative Television Network

  • Modern, transformative approaches for significantly elevating trust and developing self-directed teams.
  • A series of one-on-one sessions, customized to support a leader’s desired goals.

Avoiding the ‘Flavor of the Month’ Syndrome

  • Proactive Preparation for Change: The 90/10 Rule
  • Beyond Just Buy In: How To Implement Significant Change That Has Everyone Celebrating
  • Helping a group identify a key issue, gather information about it, and outline decisions or action plans needed to address the issue.

Organizational Development Strategies for a Successful Transition from Being “Just a ‘Relative’ Few” to “A Few Dozen Crew”

  • Controlling Your Organizational Growth: Building The Infrastructure to Support Your Company’s Continued Success
  • How to Grow the Operation Without Losing the Family-Feel!
  • A Full Complement of Modern Human Resources Services and Support


Right-fit employees are an organization’s most valued… investors! They have chosen to invest their time and talent with your company.

It is smart business to invest in them by expanding their talents, abilities and skills.

  • FindTrainKeep training events are always customized, delivered with high energy, and are exceptionally engaging, and memorable.
  • Our training is designed, and engineered, to achieve the specific results you seek for your teams, business and your workplace culture.
  • We are unwaveringly focused on providing relevant, real-world,
    immediately-implementable ‘how-to’s,’ (actual strategy) not just ‘should do’s’ (no fluff allowed!). We make sure participants have valuable ‘take away’ solutions.
  • Participants engage in interactive, kinesthetic practice of the content being presented. Our goal is ensure participants are confident and competent to apply what they have learned.

Some of Our Training and Development Solutions:

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Why Money has NEVER Been an Effective Motivator
  • Learn Why Money Demotivates!
  • Why a Great Salary Package, 401K and Bountiful Benefits Are Not Always the Answer
  • The Top 10 (No Cost!) Steps for Managers and Supervisors Can Implement Today to Dramatically Increase Performance and Productivity

Recruiting is a complex challenge. You must first be able to adeptly identify right-fit talent and then, get their attention and hopefully, compel them to apply for the position.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand How Recruiting and Marketing Are Nearly the Same Concept
  • Where to Put Your Recruiting Dollars: No More Guessing! Discover the Most Successful Recruiting Strategies, in Order of Effectiveness and Impact
  • Why Old School Recruiting Approaches Deserve a Comeback

In just 6 short questions, determine if you are interviewing your next star employee!  This highly interactive session will provide all attendees with a strategic approach and method for quickly ascertaining whether an applicant is appropriate for their organization.  

  • The Top 6 Most Effective Interview Questions Ever Asked…by a Recruiter!
  • The Interview Question Quiz: What Can’t I Ask and Why

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover their ‘wild’ communication style. Are you a Lion, Monkey, Owl or Horse?
  • Increase your self-knowledge on your primary tendencies: what motivates you, what causes you stress, and how you solve problems
  • Determine how to talk to the ‘other animals in your workplace ‘jungle’
  • Learn to resolve conflict with others based upon their communication style
  • Facilitate better teamwork and minimize team conflict
  • Manage more effectively by understanding the priorities of employees and team members
  • This program is similar to DiSC® but with a ‘wild’ twist.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Why DiSC® is the world’s most powerful and trusted communication skills assessment
  • Individualized, 20-page report for each participant
  • Discover Your DiSC Style and Level of Intensity
  • Priorities That Shape Your Workplace Experience
  • What Motivates You at Work
  • What is Stressful for You
  • How Your DiSC Style Interacts with Other DiSC Styles
  • Strategies to Increase Effectiveness with Other DiSC Styles
  • Approaches for Building More Effective Relationships Across All DiSC Styles
  • Additional reports available including team report and 2-person comparison reports
  • Other DiSC programming available: Work of Leaders, Productive Conflict, Sales.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the positive elements of conflict
  • Learn how to readily address tension, disagreement and conflict with coworkers
  • Lessons from the NFL- How to address conflict and build a powerfully, winning team!
  • Recommendation: This workshop’s positive impact is amplified when all participants have previously participated in either “Wildly Successful Communication Skills” or “DiSC® Everything Workplace: Understanding Your Communication Style and Preferences”
  • All participants will engage in real-world, relevant role play situations

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to effectively coach your employees and staff for improvement. Do this well and your employees will thank you!
  • Discover the steps for praising positive performance and why this no-cost form of recognition is directly linked to organizational success.
  • Recognize that delegating is a leadership responsibility. Learn how, and to whom, you must delegate.
  • Communication style preferences, learned in Module 1, will be used throughout all Leadership University modules. 
  • All participants will engage in live, role play to practice the Coaching, Praising and Delegating

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Why Trust is the #1 Priority of Modern, American Organizations- Trust is the New Profit
  • Turbo-Charged Trust Building! Participate in, and watch, as you and your fellow team members communicate with full transparency.  A powerful transformation- right in front of everyone.
  • Learn How to Manage Up: Establish a Solution-Focused, Positive and Highly Productive Relationship with Your Boss!  

Learning Objectives:

  • The unique characteristics of the five generations in the workplace
  • Each generation’s unique influences and contributions
  • “Instead of more money, can I have a day off?”...and other generational differences in employee engagement and retention!

Part 1 of 2

Learning Objectives:

  • Crafting a Memorable, Solution-filled Training Presentation
  • Presenting at a Meeting: Knowing Your Audience and Their Needs
  • Making Powerful Points: How to Effectively Use PowerPoint® and other Visual Learning Tools
  • Satisfying the Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic Learners
  • Using Humor: Working ‘Wit’ It!
  • Top 10 Secrets of Award Winning Professional Speakers

 Part 2 of 2

Learning Objectives:

  • See Yourself!  A 3 Minute, Recorded Presentation
  • All participants will be video- recorded, making a 3-minute, work-related presentation
  • Facilitator and fellow participants coach for improvement and applaud strengths

Learning Objectives:

  • The Planning and Strategy of Organizational Change: Leadership’s Role
  • People Are the Wildcard of Change! Are They ‘All In’ or ‘Folding?’ How to Effectively Involve Employees
  • Communicating Before, During and After Change

Learning Objectives:

  • The Top 9 Best Strategies for Successfully Bridging the Proverbial Generational Gap
  • The Top 7 Best Methods for Keeping Seasoned Staff Engaged, Challenged and Motivated
  • The Top 5 Best Professional Development Approaches for Educating and ‘Upgrading’ Your Staff!
  • The Top 3 Best Techniques for Effective Succession Planning
  • The Absolute #1 Best Practice for Managing Change

A 5-Part Series

Learning Objectives:

  • Session 1: Project Management and Leadership
  • Session 2: Developing, Managing and Motivating Project Teams
  • Session 3: Projecting Positive Project Messages: World-Class Facilitation Skills
  • Session 4: The Challenges of Project Management- Solved
  • Session 5:  Executive Review: Putting It All Together- Post Program Review and Graduation


Kristine Sexter, the President of FindTrainKeep, is an award-winning, powerfully engaging, keynote speaker.

She is renowned for combining customized content with compelling, appropriately-humorous messaging.

  • Keynote addresses and programs
  • Breakout sessions
  • Luncheon meetings
  • For professional association conferences and meetings, emceeing for special events
  • As with all FindTrainKeep programming, all presentations are customized to the organization, company, client or association.


Why should you hire an Executive Coach?

“To receive experienced, modern, professional leadership coaching, is a gift.

Leadership coaching, at one time  meant for rehabilitating poor performers, has become a powerful strategy to develop high-potential talent, facilitate the transition of a new leader, and today, is a much-sought-after perk awarded to highly valued talent.”


The primary objective of our coaching services is to support you, your leaders, and managers in gaining elevated self-awareness, clarifying objective goals, and achieving measurable outcomes.

  • Having a deeply trusted, experienced coach with decades of diverse experience, can guide you in unlocking potential and accelerate transformational results.
  • Our executive coaches will ask questions, challenge assumptions, help attain clarity, discuss resources, and yes, with permission, provide advice.
  • The relationship between you and your coach is built upon a sacred foundation of confidentiality and trust.
  • Our coaching services are included, at no additional fee, with most of our consulting projects.

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