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We will teach you how to FIND, TRAIN & KEEP a great workforce.

Since 1998, Kristine Sexter, and the companies FindTrainKeep Great Employees and WorkWise Productions, have offered clients and audiences customized approaches for developing sustainable strategies for finding, training and keeping the best employees for their organizations.

What makes our services so measurably effective?

The exceptional attention paid to your organizational brand and culture, our comprehensive pre-project preparation and the unwavering focus dedicated to achieving the specific, quantifiable results you expect.

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Kristine Sexter - Award-winning speaker, consultant and trainer

The first steps in recruiting and retaining top talent is creating and sustaining a workplace culture whereby employees can excel. The term "employer of choice" is no longer a far-reaching concept associated only with large companies who receive similarly named awards, but is now a business strategy that encourages candidates to choose your organization instead of your competition. Our consultative services are committed to delivering positive, measurable outcomes. Our projects are designed to develop your organization's culture so that you have a true market advantage by which to find, train and keep top talent.

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“Explosive economic impact! Kristine Sexter, and her consulting firm, successfully conducted retained executive searches for a Quality Assurance Manager, a Mechanical Engineer, a Shift Supervisor, a Senior Systems Analyst, an IT Director and an HR Director. All are world-class!

We also attended the ‘Wildly Successful Leadership Series’ and implemented a proactive recruiting plan. The Team Building Focus Groups Sexter facilitated allowed our employees to solve problems, not just complain about them. The results... our manufacturing company has had month-after-month record breaking production!” –Bryan Sanderlin, CEO, Pressure Safety Group, Halma

- Bryan Sanderlin | CEO, Pressure Safety Group, Halma

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