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Pre-Program Questionnaire

Thank you for taking the time to supply this information. A hallmark of our continued success is the tremendous amount of pre-program research we conduct. This research allows all of our programs to be highly personalized events. The better prepared we are, the better we can serve you.


Our goal is to make you look like a hero for selecting us!


This is a guideline of information we need from you. Please answer these questions and send it back to us. Any other information about your company, your people or meeting you can provide will be happily received. An actual program agenda is always appreciated.


Simply fill out this form and you can either fax to: (918) 299-5695


Or, Mail To:


WorkWise Productions

Attention: Kristine Sexter

P.O. Box 33023

Tulsa, OK 74153


Complete and submit on line by completing the form below and pressing send.

Your Name
Company/Association Name
Postal Code
Area Code
Email Address
Meeting Date
Meeting Type (Convention, Sales, Etc.)
Meeting Location/Venue
Length of Talk/Workshop
Exact times of Kristine's presentation(s)?
Meeting Room Name/Number for Ms. Sexter's Program:
How should Ms. Sexter dress for her presentation?
What is the name and title of Kristine Sexter's introducer?
What is the best time for Ms. Sexter to do her a/v and room check?

What is your Program Theme?
What does the theme mean to your group?
What is Kristine's role in the program? (opening/closing keynote, luncheon speaker.)
What is the agenda immediately before, and after, Kristine speaks?


Number of attendees:
Percentage Male
Percentage Female
Who will be attending? Make-up of the audience sales, customer service, suppliers, spouses, etc.
Do you have three key points you want stressed in her talk?
What are the most important changes happening in your company and industry?
Is there a slogan or philosophy that is commonly used in your association/company?
What keeps senior management awake at night?
What is the life of the audience on a day-to-day basis? (in office, field, long hours, etc.)
What are the challenges, concerns and fears of your audience members? (Please be honest, this is confidential information)
What are your victories as a company/association/team?
Specifically, what would you like to accomplish by Kristine speaking for your group?
What does Kristine need to do to make her talk worthwhile to you?
What percentage entertainment vs. high content techniques and strategies?
List several examples of common industry-specific jargon used by your group:
What are the sensitive issues? Topics/Subjects not to be mentioned?
6. Anything humorous Kristine should know about?

May we have the names and contact information of 3 individuals whom we may interview for greater customization and insight?
Name 1
Contact Info 1
Name 2
Contact Info 2
Name 3
Contact Info 3

In case of emergency or flight delays who and where do we call?
Emeregency Contact Name 1
Title 1
Phone 1
Fax 1
Email 1
Emeregency Contact Name 2
Title 2
Phone 2
Fax 2
Email 2
Emeregency Contact Name 3
Title 3
Phone 3
Fax 3
Email 3
Emeregency Contact Name 4
Title 4
Phone 4
Fax 4
Email 4

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