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Indispensible - More Qualities of Star in the Workplace

Nationwide, many companies are facing unprecedented challenges. For most Americans, this is the first time we are witnessing the compromise of corporate ethics on a scale of such magnitude. This horrendous phenomenon is resulting in innocent, hard-working professionals losing their jobs. Some companies are frantically attempting to re-organize. Others are attempting to stave off complete demise. How can it be that pillars of our corporate communities, some with thousands of employees, suddenly tumble to the ground in acts that could be deemed corporate terrorism? Many over-achieving corporate stars are questioning whether all their ethics-rich commitment to the customer, colleague and company won't back fire because their own, often beloved leaders, are greedy enough to be robbing the coffers? But I encourage all stars to keep on shining.. The good will triumph. It's always the basic star qualities that set the foundation for success now and in the future. And it's you who will be presiding over the companies of tomorrow. America is relying upon you!

The basic star qualities start with understanding that success is not luck. What separates the stars from staff is the ability to showcase strengths, theirs and the strengths of those around them. Stars begin with respect for everyone. They learn critical communication skills and initiative that serve them in managing and serving others. Stars never, if rarely miss a day of work. They are unwaveringly reliable. And star professionals develop and nurture a network of people as an interactive, give and take alliance.

  • Great employees and leaders are self-directed and take responsibility for their own success. They are self-motivated to have the vision to plan, set goals and carry them to fruition. Success through entitlement is rare. Can you imagine the great achievers of our time just sitting back, holding out their hand and awaiting their 'entitled' pay raises, professional accolade and career acceleration? (In a soon-to-be published book , Entitled to Fail: Endowed to Succeed author Dawn LaWray Billings writes, "The feeling, or attitude, that supports entitlement is a subjective and emotional reaction that justifies, and defends, dissatisfaction. It places a stamp labeled, "Not Enough" over the lenses in which we view life. ) We all know a person who truly believes that their boss/family/world "owes" them something. True stars in the workplace appreciate all opportunities put before them and take action necessary to insure their success and the success of their company. Stars are not willing to give the power of their futures to others. They take complete accountability and responsibility for their success.
  • Stars with sustaining power are ethical . Some believe (as evidenced by all the corporate collapse due directly to criminally unethical accounting procedures and theft) that success can be had through lying, cheating and stealing. These individuals create an illusion of success that is extremely short-lived. And at a cost that far outweighs the gains. Most of you understand that a commitment to ethical and fair business practices is truly the only way to have SUSTAINABLE success.
  • Great leaders and stars are invariably terrific problem solvers . Think for a moment of a successful individual. People bring them concerns and problems knowing that they will come to a viable and win-win solution. And if they are REALLY good problem solvers, they have involved you in the solution. Your input, ideas for possible solutions and opinions are solicited and highly respected. Now that's a brilliant problem solver!
  • Stars are not always the managers and leaders in an organization. Frankly, most vital employees are in roles where they are accountable for their own work product and are not developing other employees. Think for a moment of the amazing employee who embodies all the qualities we have outlined. They are administrative assistants, receptionists, top salespersons, graphic artists, nurses, welders, customer service reps, staff accountants, etc. Stars embody qualities that are sought-after. They contribute and give credit back to their fellow team members. Thus, stars are great team players. Their ethics, reliability, communication skills, respect for others, initiative and problem solving skills make them stars in every way for today and tomorrow. The American flag wouldn't be our flag without the stars, just as America's companies can't stay strong without theirs. Keep up the great work stars America really needs you now.

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